How Sports Can Benefit Your Adult Life

How Sports Can Benefit Your Adult Life

What Nervous Nellies Should Know Before Lifting Off For Their Very First Helicopter Ride

by Catherine Jenkins

Riding in a helicopter is an exciting way to travel. Able to fly at low altitudes and a variety of speeds, skilled helicopter pilots offer their passengers breathtakingly detailed views of the land, city or water below. For some passengers, particularly those who have many flights under their belts, a helicopter flight is a special treat. For those about to experience their very first helicopter flight, however, it can be an anxiety-ridden time. If you are scheduled to take your first helicopter ride in the near future and would like to learn how to calm your nerves before you go, the following tips can help.

Outfit Yourself for Success

Helicopter rides are all about casual comfort so that you can relax and learn to enjoy the experience. Appropriate attire and grooming for a helicopter ride should consist of:

  • simple, comfortable clothing, with no tight or constrictive garments or belts that will prevent you from breathing stay calm
  • comfortable walking shoes, with non-skid soles to prevent slips when entering and exiting the aircraft
  • minimal jewelry and accessories that could become difficult to keep track of during the ride, including bulky handbags, cellphones, and other gear
  • a light sweater or jacket to stay comfortable throughout the flight

Because you will be in a small, closed cabin for the flight, it is also a good idea to avoid wearing perfumes, body lotions and other scented products that could become overpowering in close quarters.

Conquer the View

Unlike commercial aircraft, in which anxious passengers can opt to avoid window seats and the views they offer, helicopter flights offer a nearly panoramic view that cannot be easily ignored. To conquer your anxiety, begin by focusing on a distant point on the horizon, instead of looking closely at the areas you are flying over. Strive to breathe deeply and evenly to help keep anxiety levels in check.

Divert Your Attention

If you find your anxiety level rising as the helicopter ride progresses, try diverting your attention away from the views outside the helicopter and focus on the interior or someone else on the flight. Strike up a conversation and give it your complete focus until you feel better and have regained control.

Trust the Pilot & the Machine

Distrust of the pilot's skill or the condition of the helicopter are common feelings among those who have no experience with flying in this type of aircraft. To reassure yourself that you will be flying in a well-maintained helicopter, with an experienced, capable pilot, you should always take the time to learn about the charter helicopter company that you will be using. Visit the business (such as Qwest Helicopters Inc) well before the flight and ask to watch the helicopters take off and land for a few minutes. Their customer service representative will be able to answer your questions and help you overcome your anxiety so that you can make the transition from Nervous Nellie to Seasoned Flyer with grace and style. 




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How Sports Can Benefit Your Adult Life

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