How Sports Can Benefit Your Adult Life

How Sports Can Benefit Your Adult Life

Mistakes To Avoid When Safely Storing Firearms

by Catherine Jenkins

Firearms safety isn't only about what you do when you have a firearm in your hand. It's also about how you store your firearms when they're not in use. The following are six commonly made gun storage mistakes that novice gun owners often make that can negatively impact safety:

1. Not thoroughly drying guns beforehand

Rust can wreak havoc on both the utility and safety of firearms. To minimize moisture exposure during storage, you should clean guns and dry them before storage.

Don't wrap them in any material or keep them in a storage case, but rather keep them exposed to the air. This prevents them from being kept in contact with the surfaces of cases and other storage compartments that could absorb moisture from the air. 

2. Keeping ammunition in the same place as the firearms

You should never keep ammunition stored where your firearms are stored. Storing ammunition at a distance from your firearms is an extra safety precaution that can help prevent firearms from being used by an intruder. 

3. Not notifying everyone

If you're storing firearms in your home, everyone should be notified of where they are and what needs to be done to keep them safe. Make sure that young children in your home are aware of the danger of playing around your firearms storage area. Keep your firearms locked up and secure from being accessed by younger members of your household. 

4. Neglecting to oil rifles often enough

Oiling rifles is not just about keeping up appearances. Oiling your rifle regularly can make it more resistant to moisture and therefore rust, and this will prevent damage and malfunctions over time. 

5. Storing in a place that's exposed to temperature extremes

Extreme temperatures make materials expand and contract, and this could impact the functioning of firearms. Ideally, you should store guns in an area where the temperature is constantly maintained at around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. To be extra safe, you can get a thermostat for your gun case that will keep the temperature constantly monitored. 

6. Not using a gun lock

A gun lock is an extra safety measure that prevents a gun's trigger from being pulled. Of course, there will be no ammunition in your guns when you store them. Even so, a gun lock on each of your firearms will give you some extra peace of mind.  

7. Getting a safe that's too large

It's more difficult to control temperature and humidity levels in a larger safe. If you are planning to purchase more firearms in the future to fill up your safe, you're going to have to put more effort into maintaining your guns during storage. It might be more convenient to simply buy a smaller safe initially and upgrade in the years to come. 

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